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Our Mission

aur Solar is dedicated to promoting the use of renewable energy resources in Wisconsin and the Midwest Region. We will accomplish this by providing certified, licensed contractors to install solar electric and water heating systems. We will work diligently towards providing exceptional service while doing our part to practice energy efficiency and promote the use of solar power in the Midwest.

Our Values

• Integrity • Safety • Quality • Communication • Community

Integrity: Honest, ethical and trustworthy employees that will provide excellent customer service and create a strong foundation for current and future relationships.

Safety: in the work place and on the job site.

Communication: and collaboration because of the many different levels of complexity incorporated in our industry. We value the ability to communicate with internal and external stakeholders involved in our projects.

Quality: We take pride in the quality of the services and products that we use in our installations.

Community: We embrace the diverse energy needs of the community that generates our customer base.

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